Let’s Play This Summer!


We Fit Your Schedule

Summer is a great time to pick up a new instrument or get inspired to play again. We believe that lessons during the summer should fit your schedule, so we do things a little differently than the average music school. We offer some really creative scheduling options to accommodate those week-to-week variations in student activities. We want you to get the flexibility you need to make music a part of your summer vacation.


How it Works

Our Summer Semester 2019, kicks off the week of Memorial Day and runs for twelve weeks. We wrap up the week Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Schools return in the fall. Students sign up for one of the following lessons packages:

  • 8-Lesson Package

    • Sign up for eight 30-minute lessons on the weeks of your choice

  • 6-Lesson Package

    • Sign up for six 45-minute lessons on the weeks of your choice

  • Summer Camp Package

    • Sign up for 3 or more lessons during two or three weeks that you choose

Tuition for all private lesson packages for Summer Semester 2019 is $300.


Ready to Have Fun?

Ready to make music a part of your summer vacation? Give us a call or click below to get started!